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register a free account 全部释义和例句>>注册一个免费账户

register for the exam 报考 重点词汇 register for为…注册[登记] exam测验; <口>考试

Register for a class A:Good morning , Student Registration . What can I do for you ?B:Good morning , Miss . I want to register for a class .A:Sure . Tell me your name and student ID number , please .B:My name is Sandy Mark . S-a-n-d-y M-a-r-k . My

i will register / had registered for this summer course.未来式或者过去式都可以,但要仔细阅读前后文的意思才能知道用哪一个.


A: Hello, I need to register for a class.B: What class are you trying to take?A: I want to take a Psychology class.B: Well, there are only two classes open.A: Can you tell me what days the classes are on?B: One class is on Tuesday and Thursday from

Register for Glyph登记标志符号例句:He signed the register at the hotel 他在酒店的登记簿上签了名.


哦 当谓语动词是be的时候就第一二人称提问 用are 反问 比如 you are right ,aren't you? i am right ,aren't i反正我从没见过am not i

食品登记 或者食品注册

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