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let out 放出, 泄露;放掉, 放大例句:They let out horses by the day. 他们按天计算出租马匹.Each time she moved her leg, she let out a moan. 每次她动一下腿,就发出一声呻吟.When the land was seen, the sailor let out a whoop of joy. 当看见陆地时,那水手发出一声欢呼.


这里是“释放”的意思,“灰尘、烟尘及有害的化学物质被释放出来”,所以选let out.他们的具体用法如下,供你参考:1、let off 让…下车[下船]; 引发,引爆; 放掉; 免除; This train stops to let off passengers on signal. 这列火车按信号停车

1.应该是大声喊出,或者欢呼 2.应该是透露或者泄密于 3.放生的意思

let out v. 放出;泄露;出租

let out 英[let aut] 美[lt at] [词典] 放出; 释放; 发出(声音); 使(火)熄灭; [例句]It lets sunlight in but doesn't let heat out它吸收阳光,但并不释放热量.

let out out 租出去*He used to let out cars.他过去出租汽车.*In the park boats are let out for 3yuan per hour.在公园里,可以以每小时3元的价格出租小游艇.2.allow to go out or escape 放出The guard let the prisoners out of jail to

let it out福原美穗let it all out,let it all out tsu you ga ra na ku te-in da ne da re ka ga e gai te-ta ka be no ra ku hu ki no ha na ga yu re ru ji bun ta shi sa nan te,da re mo wa ka ra na i yo na gai na gai mi chi no to chuu te na ku shi ta ri,hi rotta ri kyuu ni sa

out 出去,off 脱离,剥离in 进入

vt. 放出(泄露,出去)

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