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原发布者:珍信宣 Opportunity和chance的区别1.chance和opportunity都能表示“机会、机遇”.chance常意味着因为运气或偶然而出现的机遇,含有侥幸的意味在内;opportunity特指机遇;词典上解释为goodchance,说明是良机,“很难得的


区别:OPPORTUNITY Opportunity is an auspicious state of affairs or a suitable time: Opportunity 是一种有利的状态或合适的时机:“He would . . . trust to time and opportunity for the gratification of his revenge” (Frederick Marryat). “他将…坐等

这是一句常用的西方谚语,正规的说法如下: Chance favors the prepared mind.(机会总是垂青有准备的人) 或者: chance favors the one with a prepared mind. chance favors only the prepared mind.

失去的机会:The loss opportunity 失去机会:Lost Opportunity

Today my topic of the lecture is: cheer up for Nanjing! Grow with the Youth Olympics. 2nd Youth Olympics is an oppotunity of great significance and value. To cherish this

我们劝他改变主意,但他固执己见.( persuade) We persuade hime to chang his mind, but he refused( and stinged to his opinion). 这部电影不仅受到影迷们的喜爱,还获得评委的高度赞誉. ( Not only; 对…高度赞誉: speak//think highly of…

Many thanks to the Oral English Association for this opportunity to represent myself.

oppotunity 和 chance 都是机会的意思,但是 oppotunity 指的是比较好的机会,而chance 就范指机会,好的不好的都可以用chance.occasion 场合

等候-期待 简单-容易 日记(单)-日记簿(复) 原因-引起的原因(前面要加词) 还好-没关系

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