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BE limitED with

1被制(作)成 2使成为 3某种原材料制制成某种成品 glasses is made into bottles 看完了采纳哦~~祝学习进步!

be familiar to 为…所熟悉;被某人熟悉 be前面加sth,to后面加sb,sth be familiar to sb,例句 concepts that are familiar to our development team are quietly assumed to be familiar to everyone.仅对于开发团队熟悉的概念被无声的强加在所有人头上.be familiar with 熟悉,精通 例句 the operater must be familiar with this detail .操作者必须熟悉这一细节.注意究竟是谁熟悉谁.

be aligned with的中文翻译 be aligned with 被对齐 双语例句 1 measures to liberalize trade and finance needed to be aligned with social development goals. 有必要调整贸易和金融自由化的措施以适应社会发展的目标. 2 mandates must be aligned with other, complementing initiatives and supported politically and financially. 任务规定必须与其他补充性的举措保持一致,并且必须得到政治和财政支持.

fill,fill in,be filled with和be full of的去区别 ⑴fill意为装满,填满,可作及物动词和不及物动词.常与with连用 如:the thought filled me with pleasure.这想法使我心里充满了喜悦 ⑵fill in意为填写表格,填空.如:please fill in this form.请填写这张表格

翻译:局限于仅限于例句:It also helps reduce complexity as the remote, asynchronous calls can be limited to key parts of an application.它还有助于减少复杂性,因为远程、异步调用可以被限制在应用的关键部Check in with her --

associated 是于什么有关的,be involved in/with是参与的意思

done for 1、不中用的,完蛋的 2、=done in 累坏的 精疲力尽的 be done for 是完蛋了的意思

be involved in 包括……中,被卷入……中;涉及到…… 卷人 大学英语考试四级词组(三)形容词 make provision for 为…作准备 be involved in 卷人,陷入 be assigned to 被分配给… 基于390个网页-相关网页卷入 英语六级常出现的超纲词

1 be included in - - - 在英语中存在:Some examples of the recent events should be included IN your essay.2 be included with - -- 在英语中并不存在.或者说,你能给个例句吗?我见识见识please.这一句应该是对的:A book is included ALONG / TOGETHER with two pens in the bag .-------语感告诉我,这里的ALONG / TOGETHER 是少不了的.

be infected with 被感染的 双语对照 词典结果:be infected with 感染,沾染上; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.The uncommon life of your common cold-she volunteered to be infected with a cold virus. 寻常的感冒不寻常的生活-她自愿感染了感冒病毒.

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