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be attacted to 表示喜欢 like Babies are attracted to bright colours. 婴儿喜欢鲜艳的颜色 be attracted by被什么吸引 dog was attracted by the smell of the meat. 狗受到肉味的吸引

1. 被吸引到 Communication and understanding is important, so I tend to be attracted to asian-americans.沟通和理解是重要的,所以我倾向于被亚裔美国人所吸引.

sb be attracted to sth是指某人被吸引去做某事 sb be attracted by sth.是指某人被某物吸引 Do you feel attracted to her? 你感到她对你有吸引力吗? The child was attracted by the glitter of the Christmas tree decorations.这孩子被圣诞树上闪耀的装饰物吸引住了

be attractive to: 某些事物对某些人有吸引力,主语事物 be attractived to: 某些人对某些事物很感兴趣,主语是人


你好!有 被什么事情吸引 to是介词 我的回答你还满意吗~~

Imagine a young man walking down a street. A beautiful woman (a stranger to him) is walking toward him. He immediately notices her and watches her as she approaches him and then turns to watch her as she walks by. He then continues on his

be attracted to例句Fred thought that Susan was attracted to him, so it was one in the eye for him when she said she preferred me.弗雷德认为苏珊对他有

It is beneficial for students to be attracted to on-the-spot investigation.吸引学生做实地调查使他们受益匪浅.

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