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1. To be honest(说实在的,老实说), I'm not strong in English(我的英文很差) 2. I have poor listening skills(我的听力水平很差), even incapable of understanding what you say(甚至不能理解您在说什么) 3. Because of condition-bound

if its fine tomorrow,he will enjoy the travel on the beach with his gf.he was sensitive to his own behaviour when he was a young guy.he wants to run after the gril, as a result,he often went to shanghai Theatre with the gril.its not difficult to understand that

1 Mary tomorrow will take part in the office manager of the interview.2 the atmosphere surrounding earth is by all kinds of gas.3 for animals from American children have feelings.Four children in the year before the arrival hasn't the very long period of

1.I didn't know what happened to me,kept breaking things.2.I hope these dishes stay hot before they back.3.We're afraid we have to leave him behind in Hainan,he is not adopt to the weather in north.4.This human-made material feels like Dermis.5.

1. During the period of my second day goes to a school term, I have had right away already the idea going to Korea Republic. My fond dream is to serve as one broker 2. Science department my meeting is chosen, the knowledge needing to carry

Lestat initially gave Louis opportunity, let him again to choose way of life, Louis chose to be a vampire, but he later always hated Lestat turned him into a vampire, he is wrong, it is his own choice so he must take. It's like, God or Satan ever ask you,

I can continue to live in mine memory when I sad but thinks if one day, I lost suddenly had recalled anything has forgotten, could contain a sweet sugar.Can good many? I walked you to want happily oh!

Repin Academy of Fine Arts is one of the topest university in Russia. It has nurished many world-renowned artists. It's as famous as the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, and one of the four world famous Academy of Fine Arts.

Broken English!!

The local government introduced the snakes into this area hoping that they would control the number of mice, which finally bacame the threat needed to be controlled. 当地政府为了控制老鼠的数目在这一地区引进了蛇,但这么做以后(蛇的迅速增长)反倒成了这一地区的又一威需要严加控制. 加了额外的意译,希望对你有帮助

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